Young And Active: Introducing Children To Sports

Introducing Children To Sports

Introducing Children To Sports: There are several advantages to introducing your kids to sports at an early age. Children will most likely begin their lives with a sedentary lifestyle, staying at home with their uncles and aunts, or guardians, if their parents are working, consuming their food, playing around, and sleeping. At one point, they will learn about playing sports while their elder siblings may be watching their favorite games on television. Or, one of the family members, if not their parents, will introduce them to sports. 

When you introduce your youngsters to sports, they are able to get better vision, achieve a healthy weight, get their motor skills developed, enable their social skills to develop, gain their self-confidence, learn sportsmanship, make new friends, and simply enjoy playing the sports they will come to love. 

However, since they are still young, not all sports are suitable for kids. For one, it depends on their age. There are sports that are perfect for a particular age group, such as skiing for kids aged seven, but not for children who are four years old. Contact sports may be too advanced to get your children to when they are three or five years old. Remember, prior to letting your kids participate in any contact sports — football, ice hockey, lacrosse, rugby, hurling, water polo, and the like — it is important to consider their age, their maturity level, and their physical size. There are sports that are too aggressive for them to try at an early age. At the same time, picking sports they can enjoy should also be considered. 

Without further ado, here are the best sports you can let your kids try. 

Introducing Children To Sports

Introducing Children To Sports: Swimming

Summer is right around the corner. Or in some parts of the world, summer has started. One of the most popular sports during this season is swimming. 

Swimming will enhance their respiratory system, particularly their lung capacity with the breathing controls while in water. It also enhances their muscular strength when they practice various kinds of strokes. 


Football is a type of contact sports that kids can learn, since compared with other variations like American football or rugby, this sport is less intense. It facilitates discipline, teamwork, and also provides a lot of benefits for their physical health. Aside from these, football also promotes coordination, flexibility, muscular strength, and cardiovascular endurance. Juggling the ball with their foot, as opposed to dribbling it by hand, enhances balance and also improves heart health. 


Cycling teaches young children endurance and road safety. When they bike or cycle with their friends, they learn patience, and improve their social skills. Cycling improves the strength of their legs, reflexes coordination, balance, and also promotes weight management. This sports also helps improve their heart health.


Running is a natural form of action. People, or young kids run when they are being chased by what they do not like, or they run to get away from a threat. When turned into a sport, running benefits children by improving their focus, concentration, endurance, heart health, respiratory health, and muscular strength. Did you know running can also improve immunity? 


This is one of the team sports that are quite popular worldwide. The defense and offense techniques in basketball allow young children to control their physique. With passing skills and dribbling skills, they can improve their cognition and reflexes, as well as the coordination of their eyes and feet. How running happens in basketball also enhances agility and muscle strength. 


Gymnastics is both a sport and an art form. With gymnastics, kids can learn balance and flexibility, since this sport helps the child to become flexible and to be agile. It also teaches them to be stronger and be more fearless. 

Introducing Children To Sports: Martial Arts 

There are several variations of martial arts, including taekwondo, karate, jujitsu, kung fu, capoeira, and so much more. Martial arts teaches discipline. It also lets them obtain the fundamentals of self-defense they can use when they become adults. 

When it comes to introducing your kids to sports, it is crucial to find the proper balance. Sports should not be full-time for the kids, in such a way that sports will be a hindrance upon their academics. However, introducing them to sports is way better than letting them live their lives without their physical activity. Kids can learn so many life lessons, all the practical skills they can cherish when they grow older. Who knows, they may even grow up to be athletes at a point in their life. 

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