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About Us: Why We Do What We Do

If there is one thing that we need to know that always keeps on evolving, that would be – information. From the past until today, it is the key to what makes our lives worth living. It tells us what is happening, why, where, how, and when. It is undeniably what we need to survive each day and move forward. Without it, it is impossible to get through life, find answers, and discover life’s untold stories. Therefore, it is crucial to feed ourselves with information even when it involves us or not. Life, in general, is complicated enough, but knowing the right information can save you a lot of time and effort. 

Greedy Mind Blog is the website that satisfies your information greed. We mean to keep you well-informed about the major topics that unknowingly touch our lives in one way or another. We want to showcase a bigger picture of life’s certain aspects that you usually miss out. Through this, we can help you improve your critical thinking skills by creating connections and understanding and accepting different life perspectives. We aim to provide necessary and relevant information with the interest of spreading this for the common good. Hence, we come up in highlighting four significant subjects that provide helpful contents in your day-to-day lives, namely: technology, health, sports, and reviews of food, movie, technology and travel. 



With the fast-evolving trends in technology, it is indeed a challenge to try and keep up with it. However, this should not be an excuse to stop learning, as it is one of the most significant aspects of the world today. In reality, other than dogs and on a different note, technology can be man’s best friend. How come? Well, there is nothing that technology cannot do. It speeds up a lot of processes, including our jobs. It helps us become more efficient and effective. The best part is, everything we need to know is just available right at our fingertips. There is no wonder why it is continuously a hit to everyone at every age. 

Greedy Mind Blog exhibits exciting content revolving around technology. It is casually random that we could share and talk about products that make use of technology. It could be about online project management tools, relevant software, social media apps, mobile phones, laptops, and many more. There is no limit to what we can share. Therefore, if you are a tech-savvy, this could indeed be for you. 



With life’s unexpected ups and downs, our health and wellness usually get to be at stake – which is not ideal. If there is one thing that we need to prioritize, not necessarily the number one, but possibly part of the top 3 needs, it would be taking good care and looking after one’s mental and physical health. The two should always go together without sacrificing either one of them. It may seem to be overwhelming when health and wellness is not your thing, but doing that one simple step could change your life forever. 

Greedy Mind Blog ensures to share health and wellness related topics that display the importance of keeping one’s health a priority. Having a unified mind and body can have several untold benefits to one’s life, in general. Hence, we provide tips and strategies on how to stay mentally and physically fit, how to keep one’s sanity despite life’s challenges, what healthy foods to eat, and many more. If you are still unsure about what are the necessary steps to do to start your wellness journey, this is for you. We aim to inspire our readers to make that small step possible. 



Avid sports fans exist decades of years ago. Despite the changes in the world today, a sports lover remains a sports lover for the rest of their lives. The reason for this is, as the world and technology evolve, so as sports. Aside from being people’s favourite leisure because of the excitement it brings, there are far more sincere reasons as to why people continuously draw their attention to sports. You may not be physically playing the game yet still, learning about how it works, how the team works, and how crucial the processes players go through to display their undying love and determination towards their first love – it becomes, instead, inspirational. 

Greedy Mind Blog showcases exciting facts and news updates about the world of sports. As it revolves with technology, e-sports has become a hit nowadays. We ensure to provide the revelation of the latest updates and trends in the sports industry. However, the main highlight is, being well-informed about sports can be the key for introspection. One way or another, sports has touched our lives, and it will always be. 



Reviews exist for one main reason – to give us a hint of what we can expect about someone or something. It can help us discover options we never thought possible. If we are unsure of something, reviews can help us decide if we push it further or find another one that works best for us. In other words, it helps us in a way that it saves our time and effort, and most especially, money. Moreover, it is a way of understanding the experience and the result, even without knowing about it first hand. 

Greedy Mind Blog aims to provide a way of understanding the experience and the result, even without knowing about it first hand to our readers. We give an honest and unbias opinion about movies, travel, food, and technology. These could be about the latest films and gadgets or the undiscovered must-see parts of a particular country to the food type you should consider trying, and a lot more. 


Greedy Mind Blog: The Space That Has It All

In this website, we assure you that you would want to make time to check out what’s new and what’s not. Reading relevant information does not necessarily have to be mundane. With the must-read articles in Greedy Mind Blog, it can still be full of knowledge with a mixture of fun leisure, relaxation, and gratification.