The KahnChat App towards ICO Investment

Kahnchat is an all-new app that is a social network and a mobile payment system. There is more than app than just chatting and social network, the KahnChat App is also for other mediums like payment of bills and fund transfers. The combination of both as a social network and mobile payment system is the app of the future.

Special features of the KahnChat App

  • Users of the KahnChat App can process mobile payments wherever and anywhere they are in the world.
  • The software can also facilitate fund transfers.
  • The app of the future will offer cryptocurrency exchange by providing users a blockchain backed electronic wallets. The facility is for buying digital money, make payments of goods and services and fund transfers among users.
  • The app of the future has messaging, file transfers, video calling, and other social media interface. The present social network features use the traditional non-blockchain technology.

Users of the app range from restaurants, shopping centers, taxi services among a number of other retailers of goods and services.


The KahnChat ICO Investment profile

The app recently launched its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) last Feb. 1 to Feb 4, 2018.

The Initial Coin Offering has a soft cap target of $500,000. Crowdfunding raised a total of $121,656.25 that makes the remaining target at $378,343.75. The ICO is still open for investors to move in for buy-ins.

The KCH tokens are the virtual currency of the KahnChat ICO. The cryptocurrency is for purchases and exchange via the KahnChat wallet for payments of goods and services.


Reasons to invest in the KahnChat ICO

KahnChat ICO investment is one of the best ICOs for 2018. It is a social networking app that allows the users to make cash transfers, send money, and pay for goods and services with the fiat currency and the digital money as well.

Based in the United Kingdom, the corporation is under the management of the Kahn Technology Ltd. Its goal is to provide the combined services of a social media network and the global system of payment using the blockchain technology.

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