ALTAIR VR – Changing the Landscape of Viewing

The invention of the television revolutionized home entertainment and the way we get news. It can also be considered as a turning point on the progress of computing. With this technology, information became much easier to convey. Television has also become helpful on both education and health applications as it is being used in classrooms and hospitals.  It also made your family time more enjoyable.

The arrival of VR or Virtual Reality revolutionized our viewing experience, from being able to see it in 2D perspective (from television) to 3D. Not only it revolutionized your movie viewing but more importantly, the way you look at gaming. It improved the gaming experience a thousandfold. You can now enjoy shooting games as if you were actually on the game.


The arrival of this VR gear would revolutionize your VR experience. It offers a lot of features that would be very useful not only on the gaming aspect but more importantly in education. It would also be offering a cinema experience like no other. It’s educational application would blow your mind as they will be using this VR in viewing planets and stars. It would literally feel like you were in space.

Right now, they have build the largest network of mobile planetarium in Rusia and CIS.

Help Support Altair VR’s Crowdfunding

If you are interested in being part of their growth, you can do so by joing their ICO campaign. A lot of bonus and discounts will be offered. Not only will you earn from their ICO but you would also be helping students improve the way they get education. The company is also projected to earn $442 Million on the next 3 years which is really awesome.

You can read more about their company and ICO offer from this link


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