Norway Cruises: Witnessing The Best of Norwegian Fjords

Norway Cruises

Norway Cruises: If you wish for a unique and unforgettable experience, being on cruise ships is one way to witness and explore Norway’s absolute best! Cruise ships take care of your transportation, food, and accommodation; thus, letting you worry only about what truly matters in your trip – how to maximize your day in Norway’s exciting ports. 

Norway may not be the top-most choice of cruisers in Northern England as nothing could ever compete with St. Petersburg, but they do have an edge. Norway offers a different kind of vibe and appeal that is not entirely difficult to love and adore. The small cities and villages, breathtaking scenic viewpoints, historical museums, and Norwegian lifestyle – all of these and more make all of your time, money, and effort worth it that you would like to visit the places all over again! 

There are several cruises around Norway, but we wish to highlight one of its popular cruises – the Norwegian Fjords. Nope, there are no glaciers or wildlife visible; however, you will be left in awe of its majestic waterfalls, cliffs, and mountainsides. If you are a fan of hiking and kayaking, there is no doubt this cruise is for you. Moreover, excursions can explore the walking vistas, learn about Norwegian history through its museums, or try out the local and unusual delicacies. This article will guide you through the major ports of the Norwegian Fjords cruise, its highlights, and useful tips to make the most out of your cruise. 

Top 4 Norway Port Highlights

Norway Cruises

  1. Bergen, Norway

Bergen used to be Norway’s capital, yet now known as the major port of call rich in Norwegian art and culture. You can explore the city easily by foot or by public transport. Bergen showcases the Bergen fish market, legendary museums such as the Hanseatic Museum and Old Bergen Open-Air Museum, and an old wharf area with shops and restaurants. Moreover, if you wish to hike and check viewpoints, you can do so by riding on a funicular to reach up to Mt. Floyen. 

  1. Alesund, Norway

Being surrounded by a group of islands, being in Alesund gives you that magical experience! The town radiates bright yellow and red buildings that show Art Nouveau architecture, making every captured picture-perfect. It would be best if you never missed climbing up Mount Aksla, the town’s small mountain (we tell you, it isn’t that small at all!) with over 400 steps, that show the terrific view of the entire city from its point of view. 

  1. Flam, Norway 

Flam is located deep within the heart of Fjords between the Aurlandsfjord and snow-capped mountains. Flam has always been the favorite of cruise-goers over the years. There is no wonder as this tiny town is perfect for a hiking or biking adventure. You can try and explore its other stunning landscape areas through the Flam railway. The Flam railway has been noted as one of the most remarkable railway experiences in the world. 

  1. Stavanger, Norway

Stavanger is the jump off-point of boat trips on the way to Lysefjord, witnessing the dramatic cliffs and waterfalls on its way. It is the home of the extraordinary museums, namely the Norwegian Canning Museum and the Norwegian Petroleum Museum, and some more. If you wish to take your time and just chill, you can walk on its harbor area with restaurants and shops that you have to check out. Moreover, do not miss the chance of going through the wooden houses of Old Stavanger. 

Norway Cruises: 3 Helpful Tips for First-Timers

When To Cruise 

The best answer for this is summer. It is usually warm between June to August; thus, it is a perfect time to explore Norway. However, it entirely depends on what you wish to see and do. For example, if you want to witness the Northern Lights as your top-most goal, you should sail during winter. Summer or winter – both are the best time to travel to the country. The choice is entirely based on what works for you. 

What To Expect 

Norway is expensive. When it comes to food and shopping, prices are usually higher than most cruise fanatics’ accustomed expenses. However, this should not stop you from trying the local food. You can have big meals on the ship before you get off, then you can try on affordable must-try delicacies. 

What To Do 

Norway is the best place for outdoor activities. It is the best time to beat your cardio goal up and go hiking with the most beautiful views you could ever witness. Take your family with you and visit shops, museums, restaurants. There is no limit as to what you wish to do. Manage your time, be flexible, and you will surely have the most unforgettable and significant Norwegian Fjords cruise experience ever. 

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