Discover The Ultimate Ice Cream Flavor Combinations This Summer

It’s a good time to try a few different flavor combinations of ice cream.

This summer nothing beats an icy treat to soothe your soul and satisfy that sweet tooth! So to help make it easy to select the perfect flavor combination this summer, we have put together this list of the top ice cream flavor combinations you should try this summer. No matter if you prefer classic flavors or like to experiment with new tastes, we’ve got you covered.

Mint Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Fudge
Mint chocolate chips are a classic summer treat. The refreshing mint notes complement the rich, chocolaty taste of chocolate fudge perfectly; especially delicious when served in a waffle cone.

Strawberry and Vanilla
Strawberry and vanilla make a delicious combination, with the sweet strawberry taste pairing perfectly with the creaminess of vanilla for an irresistibly smooth experience. It is perfect for those who prefer subtler tastes.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter
Chocolate and peanut butter is an elegant flavor combination that never seems to get old. The decadent, chocolaty taste of ice cream pairs beautifully with the nutty, earthy notes in peanut butter for an irresistibly tasty milkshake treat.

Coffee and Caramel
Coffee and caramel make an exceptional pairing that is ideal for coffee enthusiasts. Their bold coffee flavor pairs well with the sweetness of caramel for an irresistibly irresistible treat – especially when served up in a waffle cone.

Raspberry and Dark Chocolate
Raspberry and dark chocolate makes an irresistibly delicious pairing, the tartness of raspberry flavor pairing perfectly with the richness of dark chocolate. This combination is especially delicious when served in a cup or bowl.

Lemon and Blueberry
Lemon and blueberry combine perfectly for an irresistibly refreshing and fruity treat, pairing the tart tanginess of the lemon flavor with the sweetness of blueberries to produce an irresistibly delicious treat when made into sorbet form.

Coconut and Pineapple
Coconut and pineapple make an exotic pairing that pairs perfectly. The creamy taste of the coconut pairs well with the tart sweetness of pineapple, making this combination especially delicious when served up in a waffle cone.

Cookies and Cream and Chocolate Fudge
Cookies and cream is an iconic flavor combination perfect for summer. The crunchy texture of the cookies complements the rich, chocolaty taste of chocolate fudge for a delicious combination that’s especially tasty when served as a sundae.

Pistachio and Salted Caramel
Pistachio and salted caramel is an elegant combination. The earthy taste of the pistachio pairs beautifully with the sweet sweetness of salted caramel for an irresistibly delicious experience – especially when served up in a waffle cone.

Blackberry and Vanilla
Blackberry and vanilla make an irresistibly refreshing combination, featuring sweet blackberry notes balanced by creamy vanilla creaminess. This dish tastes especially satisfying when served in a cup or bowl.

Cherry and Chocolate
Cherry and chocolate make for a decadent and fruity pairing that pairs the sweetness of cherry flavor with the richness of chocolate for an irresistibly decadent treat. Its combination is even more delectable when served as a milkshake.

Strawberry and Chocolate
Strawberry and chocolate make for a classic and flavorful pairing, where the tart sweetness of strawberry balances against the richness of chocolate. This combination makes an especially delectable treat when served as a sundae.

Blueberry and Vanilla
Blueberry and vanilla make for an irresistibly delicious combination, the sweetness of blueberries complementing the creaminess of vanilla perfectly. This combination tastes even better when served in a cup or bowl.

Salted Caramel and Chocolate
Salted caramel and chocolate combine perfectly in this sophisticated and decadent combination, as the sweet caramel complements the richness of chocolate perfectly while the salt adds depth and balance of flavors – especially when served in a waffle cone.

Mango and Coconut
Mango and coconut is an enticing and exotic combination, featuring sweet mango flavor with creaminess of coconut creaminess – especially delicious served as a sorbet.

Chocolate and Hazelnut
Chocolate and hazelnut make an irresistibly decadent combination, wherein the decadence of the ice cream’s chocolate flavors perfectly contrasts with the subtle, nutty notes from hazelnuts. This combination can also make an unforgettable milkshake.

Peach and Vanilla
Peach and vanilla make for a sweet and classic combination, pairing the sweetness of peach flavor with the creaminess of vanilla to create an irresistibly decadent treat that makes an impactful statement when served in either a cup or bowl.

Chocolate and Strawberry
Chocolate and strawberry make a classic and delectable combination, the sweetness of strawberry balancing out the richness of chocolate perfectly. This pairing makes an especially tasty milkshake.

Blueberry and Lemon
Blueberry and lemon is an irresistibly refreshing combination, pairing the sweetness of blueberries with the tart citrusy notes of lemon for an irresistibly fruity treat that’s especially when served as sorbet.

Vanilla and Caramel
Vanilla and caramel make an elegant pairing; their creaminess balances beautifully against each other in terms of sweetness. This combination tastes especially delightful when served in a waffle cone.


There are so many delicious ice cream flavor combinations to try this summer, from classic favorites like chocolate and peanut butter to exotic ones like mango and coconut; something delicious is waiting to tempt everyone’s sweet tooth and keep them cool through this scorcher of a summer. Grab yourself a spoon and start exploring all these delectable offerings now!

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