Utemis: unifying the Latin American market with the blockchain technology

The latest blockchain technology will tender the unification of the whole Latin American continent and allow businesses to start anew. The Utemis B2B eCommerce platform intends to provide opportunities to conduct business in the whole of the continent as if it is a single market entity using the blockchain technology.


Take it from the Chinese, the united market will be protecting your purchases in an escrow bank account insured with a money back guarantee in case of a failure in a transaction.


Banking transactions in the Latin American Continent are expensive and slow. WIth a decentralized economy sitting on the blockchain technology, businesses under Utemis pays instantly and drastically lowers the transactions rate to up to 99% savings, no banking intermediaries involved.


Utemis economy to an ICO Investment


UTS Token Sales Information


ETH Collected

Total Supply     200 billion

Minimum purchase 0.05 ETH

Token Prices     1,500,000 UTS


Pre ICO Period

February 15th, 2018 to March 1rst 2018

Bonus:         50%

Additional participation bonus

More than 10 ETH: additional 25%

More than 50 ETH: additional 50%


ICO First Period

March 1rst, 2018 to April 1rst 2018

Bonus:         30%

Additional participation bonus

More than 10 ETH: additional 15%

More than 50 ETH: additional 30%


ICO Second Period

April 1, 2018 to April 30, 2018

Bonus:         10%

Additional participation bonus

More than 10 ETH: additional 5%

More than 50 ETH: additional 10%


The whole Latin American Continent is transforming into a single economic space entity with the new Utemis cryptocurrency. The Utemis blockchain technology is in a safe and secure platform. Everyone has the chance to a fresh start in the business and commerce sector. The platform allows business owners to indulge in the trade without corruption and bureaucratic red tape. It is cost efficient, eliminates fraud when buying and selling of merchandise and services. Buyers will only pay upon receiving the goods with complete satisfaction. Your money is safe and secure in an escrow account.


Honest businesses will have the chance to thrive in the new business atmosphere and the scheming ones will find themselves in isolation. Utemis is a business platform that will work on trust and confidence on an Ethereum blockchain. Payments are paid instantly and you can withdraw it immediately.


Join the crusade in building a single economic threshold and grow your business in a safe and secure environment.

Visit our website for  more detailed information: https://www.utemis.com

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