The Best Productivity Apps For Digital Marketers

Productivity Apps For Digital Marketers

Productivity Apps For Digital Marketers: The evolving technological advancements led to the birth of one of the most in-demand jobs in the world today — digital marketers. However, the job description is still a big question mark for some who are not yet acquainted with digital marketing. Having a comprehensive understanding of how this works is vital in becoming an effective digital marketer.

Digital marketing is an independent industry that encompasses standard marketing and creativity skills. On the other hand, a digital marketer is in-charge of building brand awareness and generating revenues through digital channels such as social media, e-mail marketing, company websites and blogs, online ads, to name a few. Moreover, digital marketers should determine the operation’s weaknesses and provide achievable solutions to improve.

Top 10 Free Productivity Apps For Digital Marketers

As digital marketers work online, it is vital to ensure productivity and efficiently end the desired tasks, even without laptops. Here are the ten productivity apps that are best-recommended for busy and smart digital marketers:


The need for accessible and high-quality graphic designs are a must for digital marketers. Thus, canva is an excellent design creator fix for creating banners, flyers, social media posts, covers, and many more. There is no need to panic if a sudden task comes along since canva has convenient options that make the task achievable whenever and wherever. Enhancing one’s creativity skills is incredibly possible with Canva —no sweat!

Facebook Page Manager

Since digital marketers are responsible for managing the Facebook accounts of their clients, having a Facebook page manager app makes it easier to handle it all at once. This app can be accessible even without a laptop on-hand. Thus, digital marketers can still receive notifications, tips, and messages easily and quickly.

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics app is now accessible to easily track a particular business’s real-time operations through the key metrics, data ranges, and segments. Moreover, the app allows digital marketers to create their reports based on their specifications. Having a Google Analytics app enables access to these reports and data available anytime.

Productivity Apps For Digital Marketers


Slack has two significant functions that make it an excellent app for digital marketers: instant messaging and project coordination. It has IM basics that allow direct or group real-time messaging while having the opportunity to share files. The best part is, slack is a free app, and digital marketers can purchase premium plans to expand storage and access additional benefits.

Skype For Business

In terms of call management, skype for business is the best choice for digital marketers. Constant communication for this type of industry is vital; thus, having the right channel is critical. Skype allows video conferencing, messaging, audio calls, to name a few. Most importantly, the app is fully secured using the Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL).


This app makes a useful to-do list and planner for digital marketers. Having the ability to plan, manage tasks, and organize in a modern and customized manner is the strength of this app. It records work progress and integrates with other helpful apps such as Dropbox, IFTTT, and Slack. Moreover, it gives a reminder for the deadline of tasks, and it allows a more accessible addition of upcoming tasks.


Managing different social media accounts can get stressful and challenging without the right app to handle it. Hootsuite allows digital marketers to save time in managing social media accounts. Its feature enables different social media platforms to sync in one app. It can cater to up to 35 social media accounts; however, for the free version, it is only up to 3. Finally, digital marketers can schedule posts, monitor accounts and analytics.

SEO Check

Enhancing search engine optimization is an essential job for digital marketers to rank page successfully. Thus, having an accessible SEO check app helps as it audits and reviews websites from a proper SEO perspective. It provides tips on how to improve further and to ensure SEO guidelines are met.


For a more efficient and effective e-mail marketing, Mailchimp is the answer. It is known to be a powerful app as it enables placing customers at the core of every marketing. Thus, it helps in growing the market faster. Moreover, Mailchimp allows digital marketers to manage contacts and campaigns, monitor analytics, and receive significant insights.


One of the challenging tasks of every digital marketer is organizing the list of accounts and passwords. Lastpass app stores the necessary credentials for different websites. This way, digital marketers do not need to memorize all credentials; instead, they can easily spot and access the needed details with this app. Moreover, to keep the app safe and secure, there is an option to use the LastPass Authenticator app. There is a free version that mostly covers what is needed. For additional features, there is a fee of $24/year.

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