Social Media Detox: How Does It Work and Why We Should Do It?

Social Media Detox

Is checking your phone the first thing you do in the morning? Do you spend more time making sure to have a picture-perfect Instagram picture to upload when you are on vacation? How often do you browse your newsfeed? Do you find yourself looking for ways to post something new on Facebook to ensure being part of the “trending” posts? Your answers to these questions are the very reason why you should take a social media detox. 

Social media apps have proven to give us numerous advantages. It makes our lives easier in such a way that we can easily connect with our loved ones and even the people we do not even know personally. It allows us to follow our favorite TV personalities, vloggers, sports enthusiasts – almost everyone we look up to! Who would not want to discover the life of the people we love and adore? Thus, we spend so much time stalking, finding out what they like, what products they use, what they do most of the time, and many more behind the scene moments we would always want to see! 

Instead of doing more productive things, we can easily be distracted with what see and hear in social media. Thus, we create our reality. The kind of reality we are not aware we are constructing at the back of our minds. This reality came from our friends’ happy and problem-free posts, the everything-is-perfect pictures of the people we follow, the so in love posts of romantic couples we know personally. We unconsciously think this should be the basis of how we live our life. So, we try to find something that fits this reality, and we feel fulfilled once we accomplish it. The truth is, too much social media usage can cause too much stress and anxiety, including a change of behavior.  

What is a Social Media Detox? 

Social media detox is a conscious decision to pause social media usage for some time temporarily. Some people prefer a 30-day detox, but some opt for a 7-day to take a much-needed breather or a year-long detox. The number of days depends on what works for you. You can do this by totally eliminating access to your social media accounts. You can delete the apps or ask someone you can trust to change the password for you if you feel that you get tempted at some point. 

Top 3 Benefits

Social Media Detox

Helps clear our minds

A social media detox helps clear our minds from all the social media triggers. There are so many things going on in social media, which gets too overwhelming sometimes. We fail to realize how it affects our judgment at times. Being preoccupied with the latest in social media unconsciously distracts us in many ways. Thus, it helps to take a step back from this false reality and remind ourselves of what matters the most in our lives. 

This way, we would focus more on the essential aspects and keep our mental health in good shape. Moreover, we would feel less anxious as we could finally set things straight within ourselves because there is no need for social comparison. We are all unique and different, and we should embrace and celebrate this instead. 

Gives more free time 

The truth is, it is the social media that keep us busy most of the time. It is not our work nor school; it is social media. Doing social media detox can help you find more time to do more relevant and productive tasks. You can finally perform the home workout you have discovered or bake your favorite chocolate chip cookies. You can spend some quality time with your family and friends and realize how connected you are without social media! Being on a social media detox can free your time to do what you thought you never have the time doing. 

Starts living in the present

In social media, everybody wants to be the first one to post something. During special events, instead of enjoying every moment, we look forward to those special moments to take a snap and post it ASAP on social media to gain more likes. This example is a sad reality that most of us have been believing. 

Through a successful social media detox, we tend to realize how quickly each moment passes. It does not matter if we took a picture or not; we know we would never forget how we felt when it happened. With or without social media, life goes on. Please do not wait until you face the pain of regret of not totally living in the present because it will haunt you for the rest of your life. 

Social Media Detox: Final Thoughts

With social media having such a significant impact on our lives, we sometimes find it too hard to draw the line. We could not see the reality we are as social media paints a unique and addicting picture. But, it pays to keep the progress of what helps your whole being intact. Take good care of yourself, and take a break. You deserve it.

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