Max Verstappen Wins Wet Monaco F1 GP to Stretch World Championship Lead

Max Verstappen showcased his exceptional driving skills and proved his dominance once again in Formula One as he triumphed at the wet Monaco Grand Prix. The heavy rain that fell on the streets of Monte Carlo added an extra layer of challenge and drama to the race, which is typically known for its procession-like nature. Verstappen’s victory further solidified his lead in the world championship, demonstrating his unwavering focus on claiming his third Formula One title.

Verstappen’s Commanding Performance

Right from the start, Verstappen established his authority over the race, leading the pack from turn one and maintaining his position throughout the first 50 laps. The top 10 cars remained unchanged until the initial pit stops, creating a sense of predictability on the track. However, as the rain intensified at lap 51, everything changed. The conditions rapidly evolved, and teams had to make crucial decisions regarding tire choices.

Crucial Tire Decisions and Challenging Conditions

During a critical moment when the rain was at its peak, Aston Martin made an unfortunate decision to send Fernando Alonso into the pits for dry tires instead of intermediate tires. On the other hand, Verstappen had to navigate his way cautiously to the pits to switch to wet tires, grazing the wall at Poitiers in the process. Alonso had to make an additional pit stop to rectify the wrong tire choice, effectively ending his chance of challenging for the win.

The treacherous conditions posed a significant challenge to the drivers, causing several cars to spin and slide on the streets of Monaco. Carlos Sainz, George Russell, Lance Stroll, Kevin Magnussen, and Yuki Tsunoda were among those affected, highlighting the difficulty of driving in such adverse weather.

Verstappen’s Strategic Approach

Verstappen demonstrated exceptional skill in managing the delicate balance between preserving his lead and not pushing too hard in challenging conditions. He admitted to clipping the walls several times but maintained his composure and delivered a masterful performance. He acknowledged the immense difficulty of the race, particularly as the track transitioned from dry to wet. Verstappen’s ability to adapt to changing circumstances and maintain control under pressure further solidified his status as one of the sport’s top drivers.

Monaco’s Need for Evolution

While Verstappen’s victory showcased his brilliance, there were concerns raised about the Monaco circuit itself. Christian Horner, Red Bull’s team principal, expressed his belief that the track needs to evolve to accommodate the modern era of Formula One. He emphasized the challenge posed by the increasing size of cars and suggested the incorporation of an area that allows for overtaking opportunities, providing drivers with a chance to showcase their skills in a more dynamic manner.

Verstappen’s Unassailable Championship Lead

Despite the late-race drama, Verstappen’s grip on the Monaco Grand Prix and the world championship remained unyielding. The victory marked his 39th career win, surpassing Red Bull’s previous record set by Sebastian Vettel. Verstappen’s teammate, Sergio Pérez, finished in 16th place after starting from the back of the grid due to a crash during qualifying. As a result, Verstappen extended his lead over Pérez by 39 points in the driver standings after just six races. This commanding lead echoes his performance in the previous season when he clinched the championship with four races to spare. Wet or dry, on street circuits or high-speed tracks, Verstappen has established himself as a formidable force in Formula One this season.

Other Standout Performances

While Verstappen dominated the race, other drivers also made their mark. Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, both driving for Mercedes, showcased their skill in

managing the changing conditions and finished fourth and fifth, respectively. Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz secured sixth and eighth places for Ferrari, while Pierre Gasly claimed seventh place for Alpine. Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri rounded off the top ten for McLaren.

Verstappen’s Win Signals Red Bull’s Potential

Verstappen’s triumph in Monaco highlighted the impressive potential of the Red Bull team. Despite expectations that the circuit would not suit their car’s strengths, their commanding performance demonstrated their ability to excel even in challenging conditions. With an undefeated record in the 2023 season so far, Red Bull has shown they have the capability to dominate the championship this year.


Max Verstappen’s victory at the wet Monaco Grand Prix showcased his exceptional driving skills and further solidified his lead in the world championship. The challenging conditions posed a significant test for the drivers, but Verstappen’s composure and adaptability enabled him to deliver a commanding performance. While the race brought forth discussions about the need for the Monaco circuit to evolve, it also highlighted Red Bull’s potential for success this season. With Verstappen’s iron grip on the championship, it is becoming increasingly evident that he will be a formidable force to contend with throughout the year.

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