Lionsgate Confirms ‘John Wick 5’ in Early Development: The Saga Continues

In an exciting announcement, Lionsgate has officially confirmed that ‘John Wick 5’ is in the works. Despite the slight deviation in ‘John Wick: Chapter 4,’ the studio remains dedicated to expanding the renowned assassin franchise. The news emerged during a recent Q4 earnings call led by Joe Drake, Chair of Lionsgate’s motion picture group. Drake’s revelation of the early development of ‘John Wick 5’ suggests that the studio is eager to explore new narratives and further immerse audiences in the high-octane world of John Wick.

Commitment to Expanding the Franchise

Lionsgate’s commitment to extending the “John Wick” universe has been evident through its recent projects. Alongside the highly anticipated ‘Ballerina’ spinoff featuring Ana De Armas and the Continental prequel series set to debut on Peacock, the studio has begun the early stages of ‘John Wick 5.’ This commitment highlights Lionsgate’s intention to build a cohesive, expansive world that captivates fans with interconnected storylines.

An Immersive Franchise Universe

Beyond the film series, Lionsgate aims to explore various mediums and platforms to enhance the ‘John Wick’ experience. The ‘Ballerina spinoff promises to delve into the origins of a lethal female assassin, providing fans with an intriguing backstory. The upcoming Continental prequel series on Peacock will also offer viewers a deeper look into the opulent assassin hotel and its captivating underworld. Lionsgate’s multi-faceted approach underscores their belief in the enduring appeal of John Wick and the potential for further engrossing narratives.

Gaming and Interactive Experiences

In an exciting development, discussions are underway for a potential ‘John Wick’ video game. The franchise’s fast-paced action sequences and immersive world-building make it an ideal candidate for interactive gaming experiences. While specific details about the game are yet to be revealed, the prospect of stepping into the shoes of the legendary assassin is undoubtedly enticing for fans. Lionsgate’s exploration of gaming demonstrates its commitment to providing fans with diverse and engaging avenues to immerse themselves in the John Wick universe.

Director’s Enthusiasm for Continuing the Saga

The confirmation of ‘John Wick 5’ aligns with director Chad Stahelski’s comments about the franchise’s future. Stahelski, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, expressed his eagerness to continue John Wick’s story with the iconic Keanu Reeves if the right opportunity arose. Joe Drake’s mention of ‘John Wick 5’ during the earnings call indicates that the conditions for another installment have been met, signaling the creative team’s enthusiasm for further expanding the captivating narratives of the franchise.


The official confirmation of “John Wick 5” in early development by Lionsgate has sparked fan excitement worldwide. The studio’s dedication to expanding the franchise through movies, spinoffs, and potentially video games promises audiences an immersive and thrilling experience. With each new addition, the “John Wick” universe continues to captivate viewers with its intense action, intriguing characters, and intricately woven stories. As fans eagerly await the forthcoming ‘John Wick 5,’ they can rest assured that the saga of the legendary assassin, John Wick, will continue to deliver a regular cadence of heart-pounding adventures.

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