Kyrie Irving believes his injury prevented the Nets from winning the championship in 2021 and took aim at Taylor Jenkins for criticizing the Memphis Grizzlies

Kyrie Irving believes his injury prevented the Nets from winning the championship in 2021

Sports injuries are an unfortunate reality of life, and NBA fans have seen multiple playoff series beset with injuries this postseason.

Some of the game’s leading figures, including Giannis Antetokounmpo, Ja Morant, De’Aaron Fox and Tyler Herro have suffered physical setbacks that have greatly hindered their performances; Milwaukee and Memphis teams are now trailing 3-1 in a series many had expected them to win.

Kyrie Irving understands the harsh reality of postseason injuries all too well. Over his career, he’s suffered several setbacks around this time, such as breaking his kneecap in 2015 and suffering an ankle injury against Milwaukee in 2021.

Irving recently addressed an incident that took place during Game 4 of Brooklyn’s Eastern Conference Semifinals series against Milwaukee; during which they led 3-1 after easily taking control of games 1-3; however, Irving was sidelined in the second quarter after accidentally stepping on Antetokounmpo’s foot and leaving him on the sideline for that matchup.

After landing awkwardly, Irving suffered from a sprained ankle that forced him out for the remainder of the series and would lead them to their first championship victory since 50 seasons – winning in seven thrilling games before eventually winning it all!

Irving believes the Nets would have taken their rightful place atop the league if he could have remained healthy and hadn’t become injured during their 2017-18 campaign.

Kevin Durant led his Nets team in scoring every game and finished off Game 5 with 49 points and 17 rebounds while nearly hitting an amazing 3-pointer that would’ve won Game 7. Fans won’t soon forget Durant’s size 17 shoes just grazing the 3-point line when making what would’ve been an incredible shot that could’ve won Brooklyn Game 7.

Kyrie Irving took aim at Taylor Jenkins for criticizing the Memphis Grizzlies during their playoff series against the Lakers

Kyrie Irving of the Dallas Mavericks recently took issue with Memphis Grizzlies head coach Taylor Jenkins’ comments regarding their team’s maturity in this year’s playoffs.

Jenkins believes his team will mature as they gain more postseason experience.

Irving’s Dallas team failed to make the play-in tournament this season and clearly feels aggrieved that Jenkins made those comments about them during a playoff series.

Memphis Grizzlies, the No. 2 Western Conference seed, are currently trailing Los Angeles Lakers 3 games to one in their opening-round playoff matchup. Memphis won Game 2, but went on to drop consecutive matches away in Los Angeles.

Jenkins made an interesting point that the Lakers possess more playoff experience, particularly between their star players LeBron James and Anthony Davis who recently won a title together during 2019-20 season.

James has reached the NBA Finals 10 times throughout his storied career and it would be impossible for Memphis to match that experience overnight.

However, they have made some misguided choices during this series.

Defense specialist Dillon Brooks was ejected from Game 3 for hitting James in the groin area, compounding their difficulties even further given Ja Morant (hand) was already playing at less than 100% capacity and being less effective overall. Losing Dillon made matters harder on them in that game.

Brooks took aim at James after Memphis won Game 2, labeling him an “old.” He stated he only respects players until they score 40 points against him.

That move ultimately proved futile when the series was tied at one game apiece; James and the Lakers went on to dominate both Games 3 and 4, winning them both at home to take an insurmountable lead in the series.

Irving may prefer that Jenkins keep any similar comments within his team, but the Grizzlies head coach could also be trying to infuse some extra fire into them for Game 5.

The Lakers and Grizzlies face off at 7:30 p.m. ET on Wednesday night in Game 5 of their series.

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