Kai Sotto’s Commitment to Gilas Pilipinas Raises Questions Ahead of FIBA World Cup

Chot Reyes Emphasizes the Importance of Sotto’s Presence for Team Success

Renowned Filipino basketball coach Chot Reyes has emphasized the significance of Kai Sotto’s participation in the upcoming FIBA World Cup. As Gilas Pilipinas gears up for the prestigious tournament, Reyes stressed that Sotto’s presence is vital for the team’s success. However, Sotto’s involvement remains uncertain due to his commitment to various NBA team camps and his aspiration to become the first homegrown Filipino in the NBA.

The Indispensable Need for Kai Sotto:

Coach Chot Reyes has made it clear that Gilas Pilipinas unequivocally requires the services of Kai Sotto. Acknowledging Sotto’s contributions as a person and a player, Reyes expressed the team’s unwavering support for the 7-foot-3 beanpole. As the team’s training camp commences in preparation for the FIBA World Cup, cohosted by the Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan in late August, the big question arises: What is preventing Sotto from joining the national team?

The Time Factor:

Reyes explained that for any player to meet the team’s minimum requirement of “total commitment,” they must be present at least a month before the tournament. However, Sotto’s reported participation in NBA team camps in the coming months poses a challenge as he continues his pursuit of an NBA career. With the NBA Summer League scheduled for July, it appears that Sotto’s involvement with Gilas Pilipinas in August could be in jeopardy.

Sotto’s Dedication to Representing His Country:

Amidst speculation that Sotto might miss the FIBA World Cup, the young basketball prodigy, in an interview with Noli Eala on Power and Play, reaffirmed his commitment to the Philippine men’s basketball team program. Sotto vehemently denied any claims of refusing to join the team and expressed his unwavering desire to represent his country. For Sotto, playing for Gilas Pilipinas has always been a dream, alongside his ambition to make it to the NBA.

Unanswered Questions:

Despite Sotto’s firm commitment, questions linger regarding his absence from the Gilas team during February’s last window of the Asia World Cup Qualifiers. Reports suggest that Sotto was in the country, having returned from Australia, but was not part of the squad. Speculation arose when it was revealed that Sotto had traveled to Japan to sign a contract with the Hiroshima Dragonflies in the B.League during that window. This raised concerns about his management team’s alignment with the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas.

The Implications for Gilas Pilipinas:

Confirmation of Sotto’s availability is crucial for Coach Reyes and his staff, as it would influence their decision regarding which naturalized player to select. While AJ Edu has committed to play and Ange Kouame will be available as a naturalized big man, similar to Jordan Clarkson and Justin Brownlee, Sotto’s inclusion would bring added depth and talent to the team. However, with Sotto signing a fresh contract with Hiroshima for the 2023-24 B.League, complete with an opt-out clause if he fulfills his NBA aspirations, the situation remains uncertain.


The presence of Kai Sotto in Gilas Pilipinas remains a significant factor as the team prepares for the FIBA World Cup. Coach Chot Reyes acknowledges the indispensable need for Sotto’s talent and commitment. However, conflicting obligations, including NBA team camps and Sotto’s ambition to reach the NBA, cast doubt on his availability for the tournament. As the team begins its preparations, clarity on Sotto’s participation becomes imperative for making informed decisions and maximizing the team’s potential.

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