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Companies and businesses worldwide are spending billions of dollars to buy and maintain IoT sensors but despite all this, data captured by these sensors are not maximized to its full potential. DataBroker DAO saw the opportunity to shift the landscape and make use of the data more fully and provide buyers with an alternative source of data for a fraction of the cost.


Databroker DAO: Changing the face of the sensor market

Purchasing and maintaining IoT sensors is an expensive endeavor and rough estimates indicate that by 2019, 33 billion sensors will be collecting data from various sources, only to be stored in data silos after their purposes have been met.

DataBroker DAO seeks to change the trend of single purpose data and aims to connect buyers and sellers of data all around the world in a decentralized network called the ethereum. By entering into smart contracts, this network provides a new marketplace to access local data at an affordable price compared to current rates.


Possible benefits

DataBroker DAO intends to form an alliance of real sellers and buyers of IoT sensor data to become a conduit for sensor owners to earn more from their generated data and connect them to other potential clients.

Businesses, companies, organizations and even governments who are in need of data can gain access to reliable information that they need without having to shell out billions in investments.

For example, smart city initiatives that are only now beginning to take off can cut the cost of purchasing sensors. The shift of many countries to digital agriculture can also serve to benefit from DataBroker DAO as they can both access data and at the same time recoup their investment with the use of their own data that can be useful to other stakeholders.

The academe can also benefit greatly as buying directly from the marketplace cuts the cost of the middlemen. These result in great savings for the institutions that can be used for other academic pursuits.


An alliance of networks

Building a strong network entails the confidence and support of other members of the community. Some of the leading buyers and sellers of IoT sensor data have pledged to be part of DataBroker DAO. YUKTIX and SENTHUS were the first to commit to the alliance.  DESIDEDATUM, IQUADRAT, SKYLARK and TECHNILOG pledged their support shortly after.


Be part of the new data revolution

If you want to become part of this new marketplace, the DataBroker DAO Beta is already ready for testing.

Find out how you and your company can benefit from this visionary new way of accessing and using data using these channels.





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