How To Deal With Mental Breakdown During Pandemic?

How To Deal With Mental Breakdown

How To Deal With Mental Breakdown: We all have demons. Sometimes, we call it the “shadow of voices.” These are voices in our heads representing parts of ourselves that we like not to listen to but lurks inside us. The one that comforts us and keeps us nice and warm and cuddly. We appreciate these voices because it prevents us from doing irrational and selfish things, not out of love for ourselves but out of fear. These voices are common as we face a pandemic that came out as a big surprise. Everyone is affected in several ways, and everyone has different ways to cope up. Yet, most of us are struggling. 

Everything starts as a self-judgment. We hear ourselves say, “you’re lazy, you’re dirty, you’re stupid, you’re unlovable, you’re useless,” etc. It is indeed hard to try to get rid of our demons as they’re always there, bubbling up to the surface. Dripping out from the lid, we try to keep on them. And the harder we try to hold that lid down, the more problematic our lives become. But you have probably done battle with your demons at some point—you’ve fought back the feeling of fear; you’ve hated yourself for your stupid behavior. You’ve promised yourself that you’ll stop listening to that little voice inside. Then, we try to seek any intervention from the outside and find ways to be distracted and be useful instead. 

How To Deal With Mental Breakdown

11 Ways You Can Do To Deal With Mental Breakdown: How To Deal With Mental Breakdown

  • Make a routine. Write a list that is varied and includes time for work as well as self-care.
  • Get out and be productive. If you are still hesitant to mingle with others, try less contact with people or traveled streets and avenues. Suppose you live with a high risk of engaging with many people, open at least the windows. It’s surprising how much fresh breeze can do for spirits.
  • Consume what’s right and healthy for you. This obvious; anxiety is one of the causes of stress and found ourselves over-indulging, forgetting to eat, and avoiding food. Drink lots of water, eat some good and nutritious foods, and challenge yourself to learn how to cook something new!
  • Develop habits that will make you busy. Keep a journal, an inspirational book, or a mandala coloring book that is wonderful and good for anxiety regulation. It’s also time to learn new things like knitting, coloring, painting, clay sculpting, jump roping, running, drumming, skating, hopping, playing a keyboard, solving a puzzle, etc. Effective self-soothing and maintaining self-regulation in moments of distress are essential. You’ll see how refreshing you can feel. It is a powerful way of making yourself creative, and it is a way to express yourself as well! Find things that will keep you distracted and engaged in taking a break from what is happening in the outside world.
  • Self-acceptance. We create too many thoughts inside our heads that make us under fear and stress. Rather, give yourself what psychologists call “radical self-acceptance.” Secure everything about yourself, your current situation, and your life without question, blame, or pushback. You cannot fail at this—there is no guide map, no instance for this, and we are all indeed doing the best we can in an impossible situation. 
  • Limit access to social media. One can find lots of information on COVID-19 to consume, and it changes minute to minute. The data is often sensitive, negatively skewed, and pessimistic. Find a few credible sources that you can review consistently, restraint it to a short time a day, limit yourself on how much you consume (again, 30 minutes tops, 2-3 times daily). 
  • Notice the good in the world. There is a lot of alarming, adverse, and overwhelming info to take in regarding this pandemic. There are also a few stories of people sacrificing, donating, and supporting one another in astonishing ways. It is necessary to rectify the burdensome information with cheerful information. 
  • Support others. Find ways, big or small, by giving give back to others. Support groups or create groups that will help others during this crisis. Donate!
  • Find things that make you laugh. Outweigh this situation with something fun each day. This could be any videos on YouTube, a marathon series on Netflix, an entertaining movie—weall need a little relief in our day.
  • Keep in touch — your family, a friend, any loved one who is always available, even at a distance. If you are having frustration coping, seek out help for the first time. There are mental health advocates who are ready to help you through this crisis. Seek support groups; parents, friends, and neighbors to feel connected. There is aid and support out there, any time of the day—although we are physically distant, we can always connect virtually.
  • Take it moment by moment. We have no guide map for this. We are not sure what this will look like in a day, a week, or a month from now—suggested that you engage yourself to things that you can manage. Find what feels workable for you, and set a goal for how far ahead in the future you will let yourself worry. Make each goal one at a time, and move through stress in pieces.
  • Remember that this is only temporary. It seems this situation that we experience this quarantine never ends. It is horrifying to think of the road stretch out ahead of us. Take time to imply that. Although this is scary and hard and will go on for a vague amount of time, it will pass. We will return and feel free, safe, busy, and connected in the days ahead.

How To Deal With Mental Breakdown: The Moral Lesson Behind This Pandemic

What can each of us learn here from this crisis? You always know what you need when you slow down. When you slow down your mind, you can hear the message clearly. Listen actively to your body signals each day, and develop an open relationship with your body and mind so that both may flourish. Despite the current challenging times we are in, always take time to close your eyes, breathe, and slow down.

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