DIW ICO: Blockchain Documents Storage Facility

DIW Token

The meaning of the acronym DIW in IT language is “Designing Information for the Web”. DIW ICO stands for Digital Identification Wallet Initial Coin Offering. It aims to design the security of your personal documents protected by the blockchain technology.

Transactions of cryptocurrency maintain the secrecy of the sender and recipient as well as the amount of volume of the crypto money transferred online. DIW ICO wants to extend the protection of not only the crypto cash transfers but also important personal information in a tight protective environment. An account holder can sleep well knowing that his vital documents and information is sealed shut where only the investor has access to it.

Personal Documents Stored in a decentralized eco-system

The decentralized ecosystem of the DIW ICO is a unique attribute in trading, its apps, and usage of its tokens. The level of security is far superior to other ICO investments because it preserves the value of the DIW Token in fiat and cryptocurrency. At the same time, all confidential information like your wills, ID data, financial records, an electronic bill of health, and other assets are in a very secured virtual vault away from prying hackers.

Using the DIW ICO personal document storage

Members of the ICO will have an individual digital storage facility for their finances and personal documents. DIW will also provide an exchange point for the fiat currency and the digital cash. By this medium, investors would no longer pass through any platform and therefore could check their payments on the website they did business with their digital cash.

DIW ICO investors will be able to list their goods and services in the global directory. The feature will allow members to have the chance to make more money out of their crypto investments.

The DWI ICO Token Phase of Distribution

The DIW ICO crowdfunding project will start on March 6, 2018, and ends on March 20, 2018. The DIW platform is Ethereum and has a total of 1,000,000,000 tokens. There are 700,000,000 tokens currently available in the following phases of distribution:

Phase I    100,000,000 tokens for whitelist investors      US$ 0.115

Phase II    100,000,001 to 200,000,000  tokens              US$ 0.128

Phase III    200,000,001 to 300,000,000  tokens             US$ 0.141

Phase IV    300,000,001 to 400,000,000 tokens             US$ 0.155

Phase V    400,000,001 to 550,000,000   tokens            US$ 0.161

Phase VI    550,000,001 to 700,000,000  tokens            US$ 0.169

 DIW ICO Road Map

DIW ICO has the following roadmap that investors will be trodding in their journey to a successful initial coin offering. The company launched its whitepaper last 4th quarter of 2017. The ICO launching will be on March 27, 2018, ushering its publicly traded exchange listing. The public listing makes the company credible attracting investments to buy in the offering.

A DIW prototype presentation is to take place in the second quarter of 2018. The 3rd quarter of the year will see the DIW Alpha Version project. The DIW blockchain storage facility will be ready for the 4th quarter launching.

Be ready to be with us on the European Launching date of the digital storage facility built upon the blockchain technology. Visit our website at dwitoken.com and learn more how DIW can help your crypto business grow.

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