Databroker Dao: What makes it Different From other ICO

Hundreds or even Thousands of ICO offerings have been popping out lately but which one is really worth investing? Majority of ICO offerings are focused on Cryptocurrecy mining. Databroker DAO, However, is the first company to buy and sell sensor data which makes this ICO stand out from the Rest.

What is Sensor Data?

Sensor data is the output of a device that responds with the user and which can be monitored and interpreted. As such, companies now are using sensor data to monitor and improve their operations. This technology is vital as it complement all the latest technological advancement on each company’s workplace.

Here is a short video that will explain what Databroker Dao is:

Compared to other ICO which is focused mainly on mining Cryptocurrencies, Databroker DAO is much reliable as it offers a product.

DataBroker DAO Token Presale

Do not miss this once in a lifetime experience and be part of the DAO revolution. They will be conducting a presale on March 19, 2018. They will be offering 4000 DTX + 2000 bonus per 1 ETH and the minimum purchase is 10 ETH so it means you get to save 50% from this deal. Please visit DatabrokerDao website for more information.

If you miss the Presale or do not have the funds to avail the Presale, you can buy during their DTY Token Sale which will commence on March 26, 2018. Token sale will end at April 23, 2018.

If you have additional questions about Databroker DAO and is interested to buy a token, you can join their Telegram Group.


To join Databroker Forum, you can visit this link.

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