Baltic Cruises: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

Baltic Cruises

Baltic Cruises: Out of all the cruises available in the world, why would one book for a Baltic Cruise? Well, the truth is, due to the colder climate, most passengers prefer to book a Mediterranean cruise and miss out on the untold beauty of the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea. Let me tell you this, if you get the chance, please do not ever miss out on the opportunity to witness the epic history, one-of-a-kind Nordic design, and once-in-a-lifetime experience in one of the world’s most talked-about places. 

The best part is, you get more time seeing the fascinating ports and less time traveling because of the proximity. Isn’t that amazing? Most cruise ship passengers prefer a cruise that would allow them to visit more places for a shorter time. It is like hitting two birds in one stone! Moreover, Baltic Cruises make you experience diversity at its finest. The first day, you had a relaxing time in Denmark, and the next day, a fun-filled shopping trip in Germany! These countries may be near each other, but the feels, once you go through each of them, are unique and life-changing.  

Surrounding the Baltic Sea are the neighboring countries from mainland Europe and Scandinavia. The popular countries include Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Russia, and Berlin. Every single day is different from the art and culture to the breathtaking sights and sceneries. In this article, we will walk you through the Baltic Cruise highlights and tips on how to maximize an unforgettable Baltic cruise. 

Baltic Cruise: Top 5 Popular Ports Highlights

Baltic Cruises

St. Petersburg, Russia 

St. Petersburg is known to be one of the world’s greatest cities! You can check out The Hermitage, which is the second-largest art collection in the world. You can also dress up to the nines and experience Russian ballet at Mariinsky or Mikhailovsky Theatre. If you wish to chill, you can join a canal tour and witness right before your eyes the 19th-century architecture. Moreover, you can explore farther and discover Versailles-inspired palaces: Peter the Great’s Peterhof and the Catherine Palace.

Stockholm, Sweden

For most of the Baltic sea cruises, they find Stockholm as the most attractive city in Scandinavia. In Stockholm, you can choose to discover the 14 islands or visit Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s Old Town. If you wish to find out more about its history, you can take a walk at the Royal Palace’s halls or learn about the 17th-century warship at Vasa Museum. Aside from these, Stockholm has the leafy parks and cafes or restaurants you can experience being a Swedish for some time. 

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is known to be the hippest city for its five-star Michelin restaurants and booming Nordic designs. Its famous tourist attraction is the Little Mermaid sculpture dedicated to Hans Christian Andersen, a Danish author. You can take a walk at the Tivoli Gardens to enjoy the scenery, flowers, and rides or be amazed by the 17th and 18th-century buildings. If you are adventurous, you can choose to watch the entire city on top of the ferris wheel. 

Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia’s capital is the most visually attractive out of the three Baltic Republics because of its 600-year old Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site. While walking through its street, you can see the breathtakingly romantic medieval architecture from the 1400s. 

Helsinki, Finland

This Finnish capital is usually considered the “Hollywood double” of St. Petersburg due to its fascinating architecture. However, Helsinki stands out for its cathedrals: Lutheran and Uspenski, and discover Finnish art and history at the Museum of Contemporary Art. If you are the chill-type, you can walk around the lively waterfront and enjoy the summer season, or you can do kayaking at the Finnish archipelago

Baltic Cruises: 3 Helpful Tips For Beginners 

When To Cruise

The high seasons for Baltic Cruises are often between July and August. However, cruise lines are offering voyages until October. If you decide to book during the low season, there will be fewer crowds, and the cruise ship rates are much lower. It would be best to remember the weather as it is always unpredictable, no matter the year’s time. 

What To Expect

As the port changes every single day, remember: so as the currencies. Germany, Estonia, Finland may be using euros; however, there are such things as Swedish Krona, Danish Kroner, British Pound, Norwegian Krone, and a lot more in other countries. The wisest thing to do is, prepare a credit card, possibly with no international fees. 

Where To Depart

Baltic Cruises usually start from Southampton, London, Edinburgh, Dover. Moreover, the fly-cruises start from Copenhagen, Amsterdam, or Stockholm. Choose which option is more convenient for you to save money, time, and effort. Take note that the earlier you book your flights, the better. You do not want your first Baltic Cruise to be stressful; therefore, be flexible! 

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