5 Jobs That Will Most Likely Be Gone In The Next Five Years

If there is one thing in this world that is constant – it is, for sure, change. This line may sound like a cliche, but it says a lot about why things happen the way it should be. Through the years, jobs continuously come and go because of the many changes. These changes (technology trends, effects of globalization, immigration protocols, or sudden change of consumers’ preferences) determine these jobs’ destiny in a lifetime. Despite the existing fast differences, most of us are still in denial instead of looking forward to automation, and significant advancements in aspects we could not imagine is possible. Hence, it is wise to be knowledgeable of jobs that are growing and declining. 

Although it is impossible to say that the job will ultimately be out, it will continue to exist somehow as it suddenly diminishes. Take note of this as you would not want to put your whole career at risk. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Keep reading to find out the jobs that you may want to tick off your list.

So what are the top 5 jobs that will most likely be gone in the future?

Postal Workers

postal workersFor the past years, the number of postal workers decreases as private companies try to lie low on the industry. However, the main reason for this is technology. With an electronic mail sent within a second, why would people prefer to send a mail and wait for weeks or, worst, months? Mail carriers can’t level up with technology or even equate with it! Although some people may still send mail for personal purposes, we cannot deny that the most convenient is sending an e-mail that only requires the tip of your finger. 



It is quite noticeable that there are only a few cashiers seen in an establishment. Cashiers are little by little replaced by self-checkout machines that do not require any of their assistance. Some stores are practicing this. So far, people prefer to process and pay on their own than wait in a long queue for the cashier to finish. Moreover, it is a lot easier and safer. It has quite a lot of advantages, actually, and it will not be a surprise when that time comes. 




The primary responsibility of the dispatcher involves coordinating people in a particular aspect. When technology started its course, dispatchers’ need decreased as everything is accessible using the Internet and smartphones. People can find a cab online, give their address, and the cab comes where you are precise. The best thing is, they can pay online as well! With the rising trends in technology, dispatchers need to accept their fate in the coming years as most transactions can easily be made possible in just one click. 


Printing Industry

printing industry

This industry may seem surprising to be part of this article, but it is possible with the growing digital world. Publishers may be able to thrive in their business online. Still, the printing industry may find it challenging to compete with books, files, magazines easily accessible once researched on the Internet. Newspaper readers, on the other hand, decreased as e-news started to become popular. However, this industry may not be gone entirely, but the impact of technology will hurt a bit on their end. 


Executive Assistant

executive assistant

Since this job involves completing the tasks that executives cannot do on their own, it is now deemed unnecessary for some. They may have vital functions, but with the recent studies, having such is ultimately one reason why the field is not growing like it used to. This situation happened because whatever the executive assistant’s tasks, the computer or automation can accomplish in just a snap. With the use of technology, executives will be able to handle more workload without an assistant. Hence, current executive assistants realize this harsh reality and continue to find solutions to possible unemployment. To ensure they are still running with their respective careers, they work harder to be qualified project managers instead. 

There are several reasons why these jobs are most likely gone by the next five years, but the most common is technology. We cannot deny that technology has affected our lives in many ways – more than what we can ever imagine. Yes, it makes our lives easier, but there is always a disadvantage to it – people get affected because we have to move on with jobs that can no longer serve its purpose. 

Therefore, it is always best to check the latest updates online about the jobs you wish to enter. Do your research and find out if it is thriving or drying. Living in a world that goes through many changes, even for a second, doing your part in educating yourself is the least you can do for yourself. Read up and learn.

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