5 Essential Facts About Amazon Listing Hijack


Amazon Listing Hijack: If you are thinking of starting your business on Amazon, it is best to know how things work. Researching on how to establish your business is very crucial. Aside from knowing the process of having your product registered, it would be best if you also were mindful about protecting your listing. 

Since Amazon is continuously growing and evolving, it is the perfect type of marketplace on which people in business prefer to operate their business. Hence, potential threats tend to be more possible. The good news is, there are preventive measures on how to avoid these from happening. Being knowledgeable about the do’s and don’t  “s helps in making your business secure and safe from harm. 

In this article, you will be informed about the five-point facts you need to learn more about one potential threat on Amazon: hijackers. 

Amazon Listing Hijack: FACT NO. 1  

Amazon listing hijackers refer to resellers or distributors who purchase a private label product and sell the product, or a replica of your product, at a lower price. In some instances, hijackers purchase products at a discounted price, and they resell at a higher price. This is indeed quite frustrating as you took the time to build your brand, yet another seller tries to fabricate your product. 



Protect your Buy Box. Amazon assigns one default seller for a private label product. Once you are the default seller, you win the advantage of having a Buy Box. This makes it easier for customers to purchase; therefore, the seller that wins the Buy Box gains the most sales. Amazon hijackers aim to acquire your listing, which means you could eventually lose the Buy Box of your listing! 


The impact of your listing being hijacked is alarming! For example, a customer tries to purchase your product. Since the hijacker already owns your Buy Box, the customer gets to purchase it from them. Once they find out it is a second-rate version of the product, they get disappointed; thus, they leave a negative review, not on the hijacker’s, but your listing! A lot of possible related cases may happen as well. If this continuously happens, it is most likely going to cause serious marketing problems on your product. 


There are three different types of amazon hijackers. The first type of hijacker has the same listing, yet the seller name is other. They sell the products at a lower cost since their goal is to win the most number of customers. The second one tries to imitate everything that constitutes your brand and sells a replica of your product. They make another listing, so it is quite challenging to find. The last one aims not just to win your Buy Box, but to modify your entire listing as well. They could do as far as paying someone else to write a negative review! Knowing what hijackers can potentially do to harm your product listing is the first step in prevention.

Amazon Listing Hijack: FACT NO. 5 

Keep an eye on your listing. Repeat this as much as you can. No one can harm your listing unless you allow it to happen. Do your part in protecting your product. Double-check every aspect as much as possible. Aside from focusing on checking your Seller Dashboard, please make time to view your listing as to how the customers can see it. Search your product label name and ensure that your listing is the only one that shows up. Since you already have an idea of how hijackers work, it is going to be easier for you to spot them. 

Being part of a huge marketplace such as Amazon and the presence of hijackers may seem to be overwhelming. However, if you have done your part and did your research, you will most likely thrive and survive against potential harms. The best thing about being a legit seller of Amazon is a great opportunity ahead of you to grow in the business and be more as a businessman. There may undoubtedly be ups and downs, but these will help you get to your desired goal. This goal is only possible to happen when you work the hardest and when you choose to commit in looking after your listing. 

Having a buy box is not enough. It would be best if you were working towards maintaining and keeping up the game as Amazon keeps on growing by each day. Lastly, continue learning. Do not stop just because you are already knowledgeable of the basics. There are much more about Amazon marketplace that you need to know and be aware of.

Never let your worries or fear get the best of you. Keep these five facts in mind and keep on moving forward. Stay positive. Stay updated. You’ll be fine! 

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