4 Simple Life Lessons You Learn From Watching Anime

Life Lessons You Learn From Watching Anime

Life Lessons You Learn From Watching Anime: What has Anime taught you? What values have you instilled from watching anime and reading manga that you did not learn from school? 

These past few months, while in quarantine, many have opted to watch and rewatch their favorite Animes, namely: Naruto, Yuri on Ice, and Haikyuu. There are four simple important life tips that we can apply daily;

Lessons You Learn From Watching Anime: Our attitude towards life

“That’s my ninja way.”- Uzumaki Naruto.

Uzumaki Naruto and his attitude towards life, an orphan child with a Nine-Tailed beast (Kurama), has been sealed inside of him, which the entire village hated him for that reason. Despite this circumstance, he proves to them that he just not a child with a beast as he gets recognition from his peers and becomes the Hokage, the village Konoha leader. He might not change what happened in his past, but his attitude helps him change how he looks at things. He shapes his own life by being the best ninja in his own way. 

It gives us the impression that life will always happen to you the same as everyone else, but your attitude will determine how far you gain in life. 

Have confidence in yourself.

“I’m going to become a beautiful pork cutlet bowl”- Katsuki Yuri.

Katsuki Yuri, an amateur figure skater struggling with his confidence that keeps him from getting back in the game —devastated in the face of failure that slips into depression and anxiety for months at a time. After being taken under Victor Nikiforov’s wing as a student, Yuri steadily gains more confidence in himself and aims to get the gold medal in Grand Prix.

It may apply to our daily life if we believe in our willingness to invest in the choices that we make, which will mold our future, and with the help and support of people on our side (family and friends), we can reach our true potential. And if someone or something shutters your confidence, show yourself some understanding. Don’t criticize yourself. Learn from what happened, think about what solution to make, and apply it the next time. Remind yourself of your worth, strengths, and the things you’ve achieved. Always choose to get back in the game!

Life Lessons You Learn From Watching Anime


“I’m gonna do it!”- Hinata Shoyo.

Your hard work never betrays you, just like how Hinata Shoyo showed in this Anime. He is a 5’4 boy with huge dreams to become a national champion. However, he has lacked experience with volleyball but is determined to work his hardest and fight his way to the national stage. This ninja decoy has proved that he won’t stop or give up, even when the challenge he faces seems impossible. He has a champion’s qualities, and that is perseverance —a quality that creates true winners. He keeps practicing, he keeps progressing, and most of all, he has a team that supports him. They encourage him and cheer him up until he became one of the most promising volleyball players.

We are easily discouraged for most people, wondering, “What’s the point of going on?” “Should I quit?” We have moments where no matter how much effort we put, nothing seems to be happening. Comparing yourself around, it seems as if they are making good progress towards their goals. But remember, no hardship is easy. If your dream means the universe to you, then, by all means, keep ongoing. 

Friendship and Trust 

Being able to have trust and confidence in your friend is an important requirement in a relationship. This kind of relationship is like how Naruto trust himself and his shinobi friend to save the entire Konoha. It is evident that Yuri gives Victor full trust to help him be a better skater and get the gold medal and lastly, how Hinata trust his teammate will compete to national. 

Trust is such a big word for many of us. We tend to doubt the intention given to us by the person. But part of caring for a friend is to appreciate what they tell you, no matter the circumstances —with confidentiality and respect. A true friend never talks behind your back; they correct your wrongdoing because they want the best for you, should never laugh or mock you, had time to listen with open ears, and give an opinion if needed. A trustworthy friend is also willing to talk about a personal issue you are concerning. It should stay between the two of you, and that they will never judge you or the situation. 

Anime and Manga: Source of Inspiration

What can each of us learn here from watching anime or reading manga? Well, we can all say that anime is not just wasting time; don’t make a bad assumption about it. Many more life lessons can be pulled just by watching it, and you know what the best part is? It helps us apply what we have learned to help us become better versions of ourselves. 

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