2021 Valentine’s Day Ideas: 8 Date Ideas For Couples This Pandemic

2021 Valentines Day Ideas

2021 Valentine’s Day Ideas: Every year we celebrate Valentine’s Day —a holiday when lovers express their thoughtfulness, appreciation, and affection to the person they love. Back then, the term “date night” would mean going to an expensive restaurant, surprise your lover with a thousand roses, travel to other places, or go on a beach date. Well, thanks to COVID-19, it drastically limits the scope of our romantic date night.

Are you ready for your date this coming Valentine’s Day? Do you have any date ideas that you can still enjoy while social distancing? 

Valentine’s only a few weeks away, and this year, many of us will have to get extra creative with the pandemic still in full effect. Even if you are not spending much money or can’t be together with your special someone, there are many ways to make your Valentine feel special. These are some 2021 Valentine’s day ideas for the best pandemic date you will ever have.

2021 Valentine’s Day Ideas: Go out and exercise (virtually or together)

Despite the pandemic, we can still go outdoors, just not within 6 ft. of other people. Go to your local park, play some of your favorite sports, bike ride or piggyback ride for more intimate moments, or even doing a walk together is excellent. Keeping active and exercising during this time is essential, especially for our mental health. Get some fresh air and Vitamin D.

2021 Valentines Day Ideas

Make Good Food Together at Home

It is better to eat and have a romantic breakfast or dinner at home to avoid more contact with other people during this pandemic. Also, it is easy to make and is undoubtedly within our budget. We can recreate our favorite food from our favorite café or restaurant. Make pizza by scratch or homemade pasta. You can be creative and try to have breakfast in bed, dinner date on the balcony, or your backyard if you have one. Set the mood with a flower vase on the center table, some candles, and tell Siri to play some romantic music.

Virtual Date

It’s a great ideal date for those couples who are in a long-distance relationship. There are several apps to use, such as skype, facetime, or zoom. This app has the option to change your background to have romantic date ideas (like dates in Paris, going to Disneyland, or exploring the world). While on a virtual date, you can also surprise your partner by sending some bouquets and chocolate. Some shops offer these on Valentine’s Day to arrange this kind of set-up and deliver it to your loved one.

Spa Night

Bring the spa vibes at home. Set it with some dim light, couple candles from Costco or Target, put some cucumber to each other, give each other a massage, and use oil that smells good, like lavender or vanilla that provides aromatherapy. If you have a bathtub, take a nice warm bath together and make it romantic by putting some rose petals.

Game Night 

Make your date night more fun by playing a board game like chess, puzzling, or downloading a couple of games. Make it engaging by setting a timer. It is fun playing board games under pressure and giving some punishment if they lose, but I can’t guarantee this won’t make you fight. But it will undoubtedly make you laugh.

Paint and Sip

Do some art activities like paint or draw each other. It will indeed discover the skills as well the personality of your partner. Do also question each other to make it more fun and intimate while having a glass of wine.

Movie/Netflix Night

Another good idea is to create your movie theatre. Make it like a camp setting in your living room or movie night in the back of the car. Set up the computer, make some popcorn, and maybe let your significant other choose the movie. Do some snuggle and cuddle.


Lots of couples love to do this date night where they layout and look at the stars. Haven’t astronomical telescopes? There is an app, or several apps can scan the stars and look at the constellation. You can do this on your rooftop, backyard, or even on the top of your car. It is also a moment for couples to talk more in-depth about life and plan for the future: no phones, no TV, no annoying distractions and interruptions, just the two of you.

Date Aftermath

Now, we have some idea of how we can plan our date this coming Valentine’s Day. We can still have a great time even if it is simple. What’s important is you do not let COVID-19 or any virus keep you from having a fun romantic Valentine’s with your partner (of course, be a responsible couple citizen, always wear a mask and face shield when you do go out in public). Lastly, keep the flame alive between the two of you. Make every single day special, even if it’s not Valentine’s Day!

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